Zhupiter CoString

Zhupiter CoString is a format for describing the objects on the coordinates by a text string.

Since the Zhupiter CoString format is a pure text string for saving and transmitting, it is suitable for embedding in Internet URL transmission (such as embedded in HTTP GET URL), for transferring by tranditional telecom SMS (Short Message) or for applying by the CoString-enabled IM (Instant Message) software.

Zhupiter CoString has some characteristics and advantages as follows:

  • Simple:

    CoString has the simple formats for mapping between the object informaton and the text string. Or even, you can manually edit a Zhupiter CoString.

  • General purpose and Cross-platform:

    The Zhupiter CoString transmitted between the URL, the SMS or the IM messsage can be converted each other, and the CoString used between the map and the canvas can also be converted each other. This means the Zhupiter CoString has the good characteristics in general purpose and cross-platform.

  • Easily Distributing, Sharing, Embedding and Storing:

    By using the CoString URL form to directly share the information on the coordinates, it makes more convenient for information distributing and sharing. And the CoString can transfer the information on the coordinates more efficiency when using on the CoString-enabled IM or tranditional telecom SMS softwares. In addition, the CoString can be embedded in the web pages or documents, this makes more easy to show the information on the coordinates.

  • Saving the data size and time in transmission:

    Comparing with the image files, the CoString can save a lot of the data size and time during storing and transmitting.

This Zhupiter CoString API website provides the CoString JavaScript API, the code samples, the document introduced to CoString format and the on-line sandboxes that let users immediately experience the CoString features and capabilities.

Play CoString now : CoString Sandbox on Google Maps  |  CoString Sandbox on HTML5 Canvas

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How to use the Zhupiter CoString API?

People who want to use the Zhupiter CoString API on their websites can study the following reference information: (Please read below "Copyright and Authorization" section firstly.)


Code Samples

Copyright and Authorization of Zhupiter CoString

Zhupiter CoString API is copyrighted and the users must meet the following authorization qualifications before using it:

  • Authorization for non-commercial purposes:

    The non-commercial websites and applications are automatically authorized to use the Zhupiter CoString API and related code smaples provided by this website, however, the user is disallow to modify or crack the Zhupiter CoString API and library.

    Attention 1: The map/canvas field of view may contain advertising. If you can not accept, please do not use this library.

    Attention 2: Shall NOT be used in the page with any content of adult, violence, racial discrimination, infringement or violation of the law.

    (Optional :) Beside, you might put the text links of "Powered by <a href='https://costr.zhupiter.com/'>Zhupiter CoString API</a>" in your website pages. (You can put them in the page footers)

  • Authorization for commercial use:

    The websites or applications for commercial use should pay the licensing fees and the annual fees to obtain the authorization. Interested persons can contact by email for authorizing.

Attention 3: This API library contains the Google Analytics JavaScript code for counting and analyzing the usage of this API library. If you do mind this, please do not use this library.

The third-party codes used in Zhupiter CoString library

  • For the 'Google Maps' mode, this library is implemented based on the Google Maps related APIs. The copyright, authorization and trademark of Google Maps are belonged to Google Inc. and they are unrelated to this library or this website. Therefore, remember to load the Google Maps related library in your JavaScript codes under the 'Google Maps' mode. Please refer to this example.
  • This library loads and uses the jQuery by its MIT License.
  • The DrawingManager function of this library loads and uses several third-party program codes by their MIT Licenses. These third-party program codes are compressed and mergered into a 3party.min.js file for the web page loading speed. They are including jQuery UI, jQuery Simple Slider, jPicker, CLEditor and MSDropDown.
  • In the 'Google Maps' mode, this library loads and uses the third-party ContextMenu by its GPL License. This ContextMenu is also integrated into the 3party.min.js file for use.

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